The Supreme Court last week made a pair of rulings that apparently open the door for same-sex couples to get married in California.

This past week Q-Line asked:

Where do you stand on the rulings and why?

Here are your responses:


“If they allow the homosexuals to marry, they should be fair and allow me to have more than one wife.”


“Sexual acts have existed since time immemorial and even though I’m a church going person I do believe that we should let other people be the way they are, even if one doesn’t agree with them personally. The Lord loves everybody so I say let it go with the flow even though I’m not of that persuasion and I wouldn’t think of it because the Lord made me differently. But the Lord made everybody more or less equal so I think that one should allow it to be because that’s existed since time immemorial. Leonardo da Vinci was one of them so let it go with the flow.”


“I think anyone should be able to fall in love and marry the person of their choice. I also think it will help the economy because they’ll have weddings and hire wedding planners and hire caterers and have big parties.”


“I support the Supreme Court ruling last week because you’re born gay and even if you weren’t born gay you cannot discriminate for any reason. Years ago blacks couldn’t vote, women couldn’t vote, you couldn’t marry a person from a different race; it’s ridiculous. You cannot discriminate against anybody because there is a separation of church and state. We are talking about civil law, we are not talking about religious law.”


“I’m a senior citizen and I remember the America I was born into and grew to adulthood in. It was a great and lovely country. Then we never could have thought of same-sex marriages, rampant crime or drugs out of control. This country is in a terrible state of chaos, disillusion.”


“Definitely, people who want to commit to each other, are greatly in love and want to have a long-term relationship should be entitled to get married. Love is love is love, whether it be between man and woman, man and man, woman and woman. Yes, I’m very happy for the new rulings. It’s time, it’s long overdue.”


“Here’s what some people do: they read the fine words and meanings to enhance their own selfish view of America. These court rulings are just a furtherance of the hating of things that made America great. People loathe discipline. Someone else should protect us from evil. Same-sex unions are about money. To achieve that result, children are brought into the argument to befuddle judges who worry more about their stature than this country. Gay marriage is another crack in the structure of a once great idea, that is this country. History is a repeat of examples of failed liberal-thinking people who thought their country was not socially advanced enough. Your leaders have made the Faustian bargain to help diminish the freedoms of our country to help boost their power to rule. Look at your president, look at your state, look at our once simple town. Just like same-sex marriage in Santa Monica has become the de facto leader in bringing upon us a new world order. Individualism is dead. Long live those who support the weakness in the United States.”


“I stand side by side, word for word with our Declaration of Independence, which distinctly and proudly states, ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness … .’ Obviously, the Supreme Court got it right! Discrimination cannot be tolerated in our country for any reason. And therefore the court should have gone even further and stated same-sex marriage as a constitutional right in all 50 states, but perhaps that question was not before them and will wait for another court case to be appropriately decided. Contrary to those who believe otherwise, marriage to the one you love is not a religious matter (atheists can marry) and it should not be based on having children (many heterosexual couples cannot or do not want to have children). Private matters as these are, they are nonetheless constitutional issues only and must be decided as a matter of equal (civil) rights for all. Having universal rights of fairness and dignity for some but not for others is blatantly wrong and destructive. For as President Abraham Lincoln wrote, ‘A house divided cannot stand.’ Thank you, Alan (a proud father and grandfather in a same-sex relationship for 18-plus years, married in New York for almost two years, and now we are happily living in Santa Monica).”

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