The photo in all its ugliness on the front page of the Santa Monica Daily Press is sick, sick (“‘Chain Reaction’ supporters remain optimistic, create garden for artwork,” July 2). A dirty, black atomic blast in which [roughly] 250,000 Japanese died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. An atomic bomb that America has spent every year trying to rid the world of.

Do you need to be reminded that we are now a global city and world — Japanese, Chinese, Africans, Muslims, Russians and more — yet an old hippie named Rubin persists on trying to raise money to fix (“Chain Reaction”) up and make it permanent, and a silly woman wants to design a garden around it with a bench to sit and gaze at it.

Does the Santa Monica Daily Press ever get a rise out of the City Council for over-traffic, for over-development, for over-shaming America?

Take down “Chain Reaction” and bury it like the [roughly] 250,000 Japanese killed in 1945.


Cynthia F. Webber

Marina del Rey, Calif.

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