Re: The Taxman commentary of July 3 (“Supreme Court puts California initiative process in jeopardy”).

One might wonder where Jon Coupal’s concern about the Supreme Court’s decision was when all of the out-of-state money flowed into California in an attempt to sway the voters of California. I, for one, view that influx of money as a far more serious threat to the voters of California. It was that out-of-state money that bought that election and caused the severe economic problem for public education in California.

I strongly doubt if Jon is speaking for most Californians as it clearly states that he is the president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the group that is responsible for the decline of public education in California. A group that also opposes splitting the tax rolls so that corporations can’t skirt paying their fair share of taxes by utilizing the tax loopholes put into place by that very organization. Hmm, I wonder who really is funding that group, out-of-California businesses?


Gerald Schneir

Santa Monica

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