The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District’s Financial Oversight Committee recently reported a vacancy.

The district hopes to fill the position specifically with a qualified candidate from Malibu with business and/or financial expertise.

Nimish Patel, Board of Education member and liaison to the committee, said that it has been hard to recruit Malibu residents to serve on any of the various district advisory committees. One of the main difficulties he cited deals with most of the monthly meetings occurring in Santa Monica.

“It’s important to have Malibu represented on the district advisory committees,” Patel said.

The committees offer recommendations and voice concerns about the school district that are recognized by board members, Patel said. Serving on the Financial Oversight Committee is a great way to get involved with major district finance decisions, he added.

Among the multiple roles and responsibilities of the committee, members must review any matters potentially having a significant impact on district finances before the Board of Education takes action; assist in educating the general public concerning school finance issues, including creating reader friendly budget information; and serve as the Measure R Independent Citizens Oversight Committee charged with reviewing the district’s administration of and compliance with the terms of the parcel tax measure.

Criteria for selection to serve on the committee include having a broad perspective of the district, a financial and/or legal background to understand school district finances, a varied background and perspective to complement existing members, commitment to attend a minimum of 75 percent of monthly meetings, and not serve as a current elected official in Santa Monica or Malibu.

Application forms are available through the superintendent’s office or at

Forms can be mailed to the district office at 1651 16th St., Santa Monica, Calif., 90404, faxed to (310) 581-1138, or scanned and e-mailed to

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