We can end tuition at UCLA and SMC, and all public colleges and universities, for California residents, with either of two new taxes that will not cost 99 percent of taxpayers anything.

One: An oil severance tax. California is the only major oil producing state without one. In 2006, oil companies spent $100 million to defeat an oil tax initiative.

Two: An asset tax on the super-rich 1 percent who own(s) 99 percent of the assets.

When Pat Brown was governor, public colleges and universities were tuition-free. California was rich because educated talent attracted Silicon Valley and the defense and aerospace industries.

Gov. Ronald Reagan imposed tuition to reduce tax support of higher education by his wealthy supporters.

During Jerry Brown’s 10 years as governor, high tuition continues and is increasing under his current administration and students graduate with crushing debts.

The Legislative Analyst informs me that California students spend $4 billion annually on tuition at (the) UC, state universities and community colleges.

Now I hope the Legislature, with its Democrat super-majority, will enact an asset tax on the super-rich 1 percent who own(s) 99 percent of all assets, or an oil severance tax, to abolish penny-wise (and) pound-foolish, counter-productive tuition.



Edwin B. Stegman

Santa Monica

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