I want to express my appreciation for your editorial (“Aren’t they listening at City Hall?” June 22-23). You and your able reporter are indeed listening and have been reporting on controversial issues in our city with accuracy and fairness. For this I am grateful.

As for the recent City Council decision to survey community opinions about height and density and overdevelopment, that seems to be a tactic to avoid tough decisions. I note also on the Consent Calendar for the next council meeting several items which are outsourcing studies to the tune of thousands of dollars; studies on safe routes to school, pedestrian enhancement, resetting timing on traffic lights. C’mon.

When I was teaching sociology, if a student came in with a complicated, expensive design to study a simple matter, I would share the following: You don’t need an elaborate study to gather simple information.

For example, if you want to know the number of gay bars in a certain section of Manhattan, you don’t need a survey. Just ask the nearest cab driver.

In our case, perhaps it should be: Just read the Santa Monica Daily Press.


Eleanor Blumenberg

Santa Monica

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