When I read Oscar De La Torre’s commentary, I couldn’t decide if I should vomit or call Rod Gould and ask him out for lunch (“Funding for PYFC shouldn’t be reduced,” Your Column Here, June 25). Mr. de la Torre is always a victim. He’s a victim of circumstance, of police conspiracies, of police targeting, and of rogue city accountants simply asking for accurate and lawful financial statements from a publicly-funded operation. Now, Gould is after him, and if the results of the Pico Youth & Family Center (PYFC) audit are available, there’s probably good reasons for defunding the PYFC altogether.

There is no doubt that PYFC has done good things for the community in helping to reduce gang violence and membership through its programs. The problem is that the people that are running it are a bunch of overpaid crooks. When you are awarded city funds (and taxpayer dollars), as a nonprofit organization, it is your legal responsibility to accurately and truthfully account for the funds you are granted.

When Mr. de la Torre is asked to provide reporting and explain missing money and fuzzy bookkeeping, he again, still, always and as expected, plays the victim card. Another organization with new professionals (and a good accountant) should to be given the opportunity and funding to work with the youth of Santa Monica.


Lori Emerson

Santa Monica

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