Bill Bauer uses the same kind of overheated rhetoric and misrepresentation that he claims are being used by opponents of the Miramar redevelopment (“Have anti-Fairmont forces gone bonkers,” My Write, June 24). According to him, people like myself who are on “the list” of opponents don’t really care about what happens at the Miramar site anymore. Why? Because we don’t go to all the meetings. How about another possibility, that we all remain as adamantly opposed to the Miramar plans and tactics, but we’re too busy earning a living to make a lot of 6 p.m. meetings?

We will make our presence felt at major meetings and the ballot box.

The meeting at the Civic Auditorium several weeks ago was all anyone should need to conclude that this issue — and the tone and pace of development being jammed into the lives of Santa Monica’s citizens — have galvanized the will of large sectors of the community as few other issues have before.


Martyn Burke

Santa Monica

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