The senator quoted very reliable sources for the continuing need for funding for colleges such as Emeritus College in Santa Monica (“State’s older adult education programs must be saved,” Your Column Here, June 19).

It is a shame that the senator failed so miserably to read and digest the information provided him at a forum which he attended at Emeritus College, otherwise he might have voted against the bill that would severely limit funding for senior education rather than voting for it. It seems the senator has suddenly awakened to the number of senior citizens that reside in his district who also vote. In an e-mail sent to me by his assistant, they claimed it was an “error” and his vote would have been the only one to oppose that bill in committee. Had he been on the ball he may have been able to persuade other senators to take a stand against the bill that would have denied funding for senior classes.

Now State Sen. Lieu, what are you going to do to get the funding necessary besides writing nice letters designed to placate angry seniors over your vote?


Gerald Schneir

Santa Monica

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