I have just a few comments in regards to Mr. Schneir’s response (“Rethink the logic,” Letters to the Editor, June 11) to my letter:

1) School taxes: There is nothing stopping parents from voting for a tax; look at Propositions Y and YY in Santa Monica. They have nothing to do with property taxes.

2) Smokers: I wasn’t aware that we voted on taxes on cigarettes or the tax was tied to home ownership. However, smokers do get a vote every time they go to purchase a package of cigarettes. They either pay the tax and buy it or they don’t (and yes, Mr. Schneir, I realize homeowners have a choice to buy their homes, but it is one thing to know what your taxes are when you buy it and another for them to continue going up).

The real problem with Prop. 13, or any other legislation, is when we create an unfair playing field with different groups having different incentives. If everyone in our city had similar financial costs from these new taxes, then we would have a truly democratic process. I really don’t think some would pass when the costs were passed on to everyone.

Let me give my own analogy. Mr. Schneir, if the city of Los Angeles residents voted for a tax on Santa Monica residents, would you think that was fair?


Linda Fineman

Santa Monica

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