As a new Santa Monica resident, for me, it was a surreal day as helicopters hovered over the Pico/Cloverfield vicinity. I had no idea what was transpiring until people started talking. I followed the Daily Press stories, even posted my feelings on this latest dehumanizing tragedy that fell right in our own backyard.

People on Facebook do not want to hear any arguments for tougher gun control laws, nor stricter sanctions that prevent mentally ill, psycho/sociopathic persons from obtaining easy access to assault rifles and huge quantities of military-issue ammunition; rifles that are easily convertible to fully automatic fire by altering the receiver, spring and firing pin mechanisms. Information easily found on the Internet. Pro-gun freaks want to avoid the issue and the argument I’m staunchly in favor of: Psychiatric/mental health and deeper criminal background checks of persons buying these weapons of destruction, and a nationwide database created to identify these predators before they go off and kill more Carlos and Marcela Francos.

I am friends with a homeless man, whose area of dwelling was right in the direct line of fire of the gunman’s bullets near the park up on Cloverfield and Pico. He told me he hit the ground instinctively in reaction to the blasts all around him. I am sick and tired of this scenario being played out all across America, with an alarming precedent of frequency, and of public numbness and apathy to this social cancer spreading. All of America has become crassly de-sensitized to this cowardly act of genocide, much in part, thanks to gun violence in Hollywood movies.


Troy Alexander Ness

Santa Monica

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