Since Santa Monica’s transformation into Dubai by the bay, its warmth and charms are gone. It has turned into a money pit for developers, plain and simple.

The Coastal Commission has it right as far as a height cap of 45 feet. That isn’t going to happen, instead we are going to see 84-feet buildings being built in Downtown. That’s six-story buildings where one- and two-story buildings once stood. I would love to see a freeze on all development happen. Density and traffic has already become a major problem.

[Councilmembers Kevin] McKeown, [Ted] Winterer and [Tony] Vazquez are to be commended for listening to their constituents, the residents who live here; it is bringing in a little ray of hope. If the opportunity sites are allowed free range of height and density, there will be a march in front of City Hall with residents protesting to take our city back and to unrest some of our officials.


Miriam Ginzburg

Santa Monica

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