Since it is obvious to me that approximately 99 percent of Santa Monicans are against overbuilding, I’ve been trying to figure out who the powerful few are that always go against the will of the people and get their way in spite of it. What are they thinking? Why do they win?

In the last city election, I tried to vote for candidates who would slow growth, but it was very hard to sort out the facts about candidates because of their Orwellian “double speak.” Somebody help!

Another example of double speak that I read awhile back is that some high-rise advocates rationalize that buildings with not enough parking spaces will solve the traffic problem because they will force tenants to use bicycles or public transit. Have these dreamers thought about the large proportion of our population who are elderly or disabled? Or think for a minute about the parent with several small children trying to get them and five or six bags of groceries onto a bus?

Cities in Europe with no-auto zones work because they were laid out before the advent of the auto. Our U.S. cities were laid out to accommodate the needs of the automobile age. City Planners that don’t take this into account are destroying our much loved Santa Monica, for their short-sighted focus on money.


Toby Considine

Santa Monica

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