Let us call it as it is, shall we?

The mayor went about lobbying and getting a $1 million prize from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for a contest during a nationwide livability contest he conceived.

The very one and the same Michael Bloomberg that also conceived and launched the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition that Pam O’Connor did not see fit to join until after the mass shooting in Santa Monica last Friday.

I, for one, am disgusted by Pam O’Connor’s hypocrisy in this example, she who pontificated at St. Anne’s the other afternoon and then again at SMC, speaking in such terms as she did, knowing full well that when given the opportunity to have taken a stand with almost 1,000 other mayors she directed her energies to “get the money” instead.

What? There was no monetary motivation to have ever at least symbolically signed on to Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition? What? The political liabilities of signing on to Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition was too great during an election cycle?

Disgusting, pathetic demagogue in contrast to Sandy Hook, super market shootings in Arizona, a theater in Colorado, the bombings in Boston. Hypocrite doesn’t even seem to make the point any longer now that when called out on not being a member of the Bloomberg coalition until days after the killings here, Mayor Pam O’Connor decided to sit at a computer and press a micro switch to sign on?

She should resign.


Stewart Resmer

Santa Monica

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