So the City Council is buying 10 new Toyota RAV4 electric vehicles to replace the old ones (“New cars top list for consent agenda,” May 30). Nothing unusual about that, right? But did you know that the new electric SUVs cost $52,244 each? That’s in the range of many luxury cars. Granted, the City Council has found ways to partially offset the cost by taking advantage of incentives to get rid of these electric vehicles probably funded, of course, by taxpayers. The City Council is in line with the Obama administration’s renewed efforts to keep the failing “plug-ins” pluggin’.

This whole issue is vintage City Council; “Do what I say, not what I do.” Our city officials ride around town in their $50,000 cars while coercing the rest of us peasants to walk or ride a bike.

City Council, where do you park your bikes?


Don Wagner

Santa Monica

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