When MSNBC first reported the incident of a shooting in Santa Monica in which five people died including the suspect and many others were wounded, I called my daughter to alert her about what was going on, but she did not answer the cell phone.

A short while later she called back telling me that Edison Elementary School was having a field day at Virginia Avenue Park and that she and my two grand children were there when a bus was being shot at as she had just walked to get pizza for everyone.

She ran back to the park to find all the children in a panic, and my grand son came on the line to explain he had heard very loud gun shots, and a lot of them. I asked about my grand daughter and he said she was crying.

Later that night my grand daughter called to tell me how frightened she was, and I told her I understood her fears and that she did a very good thing by hiding behind a tree in the park.

I really want to thank the teachers of Edison Elementary School and the staff at Virginia Avenue Park who gathered up the children when the shooting began and rushed them all indoors to relative safety!

I deeply regret the loss of life and injury to everyone, in yet another senseless act of carnage that plagues our nation, this time closer to me and mine and the community in which I was raised and now my children and grand children’s home.


Stewart Resmer

Wayne, NJ

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