It’s upsetting to see our City Council pushing ahead commercial development while cutting the community out of the approval process. I refer to the outrageous violation of the public trust that occurred on May 14 at [the] City Council [meeting] when the pro-development majority approved a project on Second Street in Downtown that violates the code requirements for open space and parking.

[Councilmembers Bob] Holbrook, [Pam] O’Connor, [Terry] O’Day and [Gleam] Davis all [approved] the proposal, even after [Councilman Ted] Winterer pointed out that the vote should be delayed because the proposal they were voting on came to council after the hearing had begun, which means there was no possibility for the public to read the proposal or comment on it. Voters should send a message to council to not approve this project on second reading on June 11 because second readings do not allow for public comment. Tell the City Council we want it to send a message to developers that such 11th-hour trickery will not be tolerated in the future.


Tricia Crane

Santa Monica

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