Mr. Gruning misses the point (“No civility,” Letter to the Editor, May 23). If, as he says, “many people were misled to believe this was other than an informational meeting” (the recent session at the library regarding the Miramar’s intention to expand), why were city officials not clear in making this known? The important information has already been widely distributed, and the most important point is entirely obvious: an out-of-scale addition is planned. There is no more to know.

An “information” meeting serves the hidden purpose of proselytizing on behalf of the developers; it is free publicity. Johnny-come-latelys to this meeting who can find nothing more important than peck at the concerned citizens-speakers are already out-of-date and should inform themselves. The impact of such “development,” evidently favored by the City Council and manager since their various documents use the biased words “opportunity sites” to identify other similar developmental schemes, will not be borne either by Gruning or the illustrious amateurs of the City Council, but by the people on the ground. Many have lived in the shadow of the proposed development for years, and it is no exaggeration to say they are fighting to preserve their homes and their way of life as they have come to know them, which are already eroded by the non-stop development plaguing this once tranquil little city.

I am acquainted with a lady who has lived in an apartment in the vicinity of Santa Monica Boulevard around 20th Street for 40 (count ‘em) years. She is now to lose her home, to become dispossessed, so that someone, some developer, can tear the building down and profit at the expense of lesser folk. Santa Monica is already fully developed. Any further “development” must be done with considerably more good judgment that has heretofore been shown.


Robert Venegas

Santa Monica

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