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Expo Light Rail Line Project


Note the following activities:

1. Colorado Avenue between Fifth and 17th streets: Expect westbound and eastbound lane closures during day time hours. Expect reduction of travel lanes during the non-peak day at Ninth Street at Colorado and 10th Street at Colorado.

2. Colorado Avenue between Ninth and 11th streets: Night time (9 p.m.-6 a.m.) Colorado night street closure (two days), Wednesday through Friday.

3. Colorado Avenue between Fifth and 17th streets: Expect westbound and eastbound lane closures during day time hours. Expect reduction of travel lanes during the non-peak day at Ninth Street at Colorado and 10th Street at Colorado.

Additional information is available at: For more information about the Expo Line Project, visit or call (213) 922-EXPO (3976).



Annual Tree Trimming


Tree trimming will take place on Princeton Street from Wilshire Boulevard to Montana Avenue, 28th Street from Pico to Ocean Park boulevards, Montana Avenue from Seventh to 17th streets, Oak Street, Ozone Avenue from Lincoln Boulevard to Frederick Street, Pine Street from 17th to 19th streets, Pennsylvania Avenue from Stanford Street to Centinela Avenue, Arizona Avenue from Ocean Avenue to 26th Street, Fourth Street from San Vicente Boulevard to Montana Avenue, and 32nd Street from Pico to Ocean Park boulevards. For more information, contact Darrell Baker at (310) 458-8411.



Advanced Traffic Management Systems Project


The contractor will begin potholing to identify existing utilities at various locations. The project will connect 26 signal-controlled intersections along Ocean Park Boulevard, Neilson Way, and Main Street and 34th Street to the city’s centralized control system with fiber optic cables. This will require installation of new conduit and modification of the existing interconnected conduit system to accommodate fiber optic cable. Also upgrades of traffic signal infrastructure ranging from a full replacement of all traffic signal equipment to less extensive upgrades such as the installation of new controller cabinets and video detection cameras. Impact to traffic should be minimal but partial and full lane closures may be necessary at times. For more information, contact the project hotline at (866) 755-7679 and/or Glenn Paras, inspector, (714) 493-7017, or Hany Demitri, civil engineer, (310) 458-2201 ext. 5385. For more info, visit



Parking Structure No. 6


There will be periodic sidewalk closures on Second Street between Broadway and Santa Monica Boulevard through June 1. There will be periodic northbound lane closures through June 1 for materials deliveries on Second Street between Broadway and Santa Monica Boulevard. Temporary traffic control signs and barricades will be deployed to guide vehicular and pedestrian traffic in and around the work areas. Materials delivery work will take place in the alley behind the parking structure (Second Court), with partial alley closures taking place through June 1. All work will take place Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. For more information about the Parking Structure 6 project, visit or call (310) 458-2205.



Wastewater Main Replacement Project


Restoration work will begin on Pearl Place north from Lincoln Court to 11th Street, and on Lincoln Court from Pearl to Pacific streets. Work will take place during regular working hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Drivers are advised to slow down and use caution when workers are present. For more information, contact Carlos Rosales at (310) 458-8721.



Ken Genser Square Construction Update


• The water feature will remain fenced off and will continue to be under construction for the next few weeks.

•The grass, planters and concrete seatwall areas will be fenced off for a while to allow the plants to get established.

• The north pair of City Hall entrance doors are available for use.

• The City Hall south entry doors and sidewalk area will be fenced for the demolition and construction of the remaining portion of Ken Genser Square. This means there will be some upcoming construction noise and dust.

• The west side of Main Street and the future raised crosswalk on Main Street will be under construction.



Tongva Park Construction Update


On Ocean Avenue, through mid-June, north bound Ocean Avenue between Moomat Ahiko Way and Colorado Avenue will be subject to lane closures. The sidewalk, bike lane, and right turn lane onto Colorado north will be closed for construction activities. For more information contact the Architectural Services Division at (310) 458-2205.



Santa Monica Pier: Renewal Project


The city of Santa Monica is rejuvenating the structure of the Santa Monica Pier. The original structure was built in the early 1900s and has been through several remodels over its 100-plus year life. The pier renewal will upgrade a significant portion of the pier stretching from the edge of the sand to approximately 365 feet westward over the Pacific Ocean, providing increased structural soundness and extending the pier’s service life.

The Pier Renewal Project will involve:

• Construction of a 20-foot wide pedestrian trestle on the south side of the pier, beginning at the western edge of the Newcomb Pier and extending 175 feet west around the construction zone.

• Installation of new concrete columns.

• Removal of the existing timber columns, timber substructure, and installation of the new concrete substructure.

• Installation of the new timber decking.

Construction is expected to begin April 25 and conclude in spring 2014. The pier and its businesses will remain open during construction. Please contact Curtis Castle, civil engineer, at (310) 458-8721 if you have any questions.

For information on the Santa Monica Pier Visioning Process, visit

For information on the Pier Bridge Replacement project, visit .

For information on events at the pier, visit




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