It is a debacle of human civility and liberty as an American citizen born in this country to not only have to endure the ignorant prejudices of others towards the homeless, such as myself, but also to be subjugated to harassment at the bullish hands of law enforcement or, more appropriately, Santa Monica’s henchmen.

Being illegally detained without being read one’s rights for alleged “camping,” only to be held for the sole purpose of being told that the condition for early release from jail would be if we, those of us picked up in a sweep by local police, had some place to go and stay outside of Santa Monica.

I fully understand the eyesore that many of those without a home are to those whose sole existence appears to be based on financial narcissism. Not all of us are detrimental to your city. We are struggling and unfortunately many of the severely mentally ill have inundated the fine streets of this city, making it harder for the rest of us to be treated or looked upon without bias or prejudice. I do not drink or smoke, do drugs or even panhandle. I am an exception to the rule perhaps, but I do have my faults.

There are solutions to this problem and none of them entail playing revolving door with the city of angels. We are human beings, not an animal merry-go-round. Los Angeles sends Santa Monica their homeless and vice versa, but in reality those of us without a home go wherever we want. I choose to stay in Santa Monica for professional and artistic reasons. I will not be treated like an animal. I am a man, a human being, and I am a creation of divine intelligence!

Kevin Badway

Santa Monica

P.S. I suspect this will not be published or even read, but at least I have made it known my feelings regarding this subject.


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