We’ve already lost our beach town. If the Miramar expansion goes through, it will be for the residents living around the Miramar, their worst nightmare. One of my friends living near Sixth Street and Wilshire Boulevard has fewer visitors due to the parking situation. There are times she can’t find a place to park, and she has a permit.

I got hit by a bicyclist on the boardwalk and suffered injuries. My friend was hit by two skateboarders on the sidewalk on Main Street. She suffered an eye injury and broken glasses.

Standing in front of the Planning Commission and City Council members, you feel like cattle going to slaughter; that no one is listening. Two long-time small business owners — one a homeopathic pharmacy on Broadway, the other a printing shop on Wilshire Boulevard — have lost business. No parking spots, 25 cents for seven minutes, meters resetting themselves and you finding a ticket. You can now fight a ticket if you go to a courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. One friend who is elderly paid $4 parking at the Main Library. She had to do errands afterwards. She depends on her car. You can’t ask everybody to give up their driving for the sake of overdevelopment.

There are a few planning commissioners and City Council members who get it. The others I’m not sure about. I think they’ve been talking to Donald Trump. When does it get less difficult for residents? Residents are angry and the tide is turning!

I get it. We have lost our redevelopment fund. Does that make it all right to roll over residents? Is it a takeover by greedy developers who offer fewer benefits than the city asks for, and are being allowed taller developments? Donald, you will feel right at home.


Miriam Ginzburg

Santa Monica

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