I am more than a long-time Santa Monica resident. I was born in Santa Monica Hospital, as was my father and my brother. My family has remained here for over a century because of the lifestyle it provides. Yes, growth is a natural aspect and we’ve all seen the steep rise in foreign visitors, which helps our local economy.

But I’m stating the obvious to point out that what now attracts those visitors and dollars is threatened when access to this area becomes impeded with increased traffic and denser construction.

The quality of life here is threatened even further when planners allow commercial greed to totally disregard the locals’ wishes. Santa Monica now boasts far more hotels than in decades past. There is already in place plenty of opportunities for taxes to be paid into our local economy. Interstate 10 is a clear demonstration that there are already plenty of jobs in the 90404, etc., when we have people flocking here (and again going home) at rush hour, tying up the Pacific Coast Highway, the 10 Freeway and all major arteries heading into and away from Santa Monica.



Julie Webb

Santa Monica

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