The Torrance, Calif. man’s rebuke (“Obama gets a free pass,” Letters to the Editor, May 15) to Jack Neworth’s column “Bush painted U.S. into corner,” May 3, Laughing Matters, is an example of someone whose head has been stuck in the sand and can’t — or won’t — see the obvious. Mr. Neworth’s column simply pointed out the deficiencies in the Bush administration. I should think it would be obvious to everyone.

It is appalling that the barrages of publicity and general hoopla attendant on the opening of a library in his name, at this particular time, that the Bushes are brazen enough to start tooting horns for yet another brother to continue their dynasty. Do they think the public has no memory at all of those painful eight years it had to suffer, not just an incompetent rule, but one that can only be called criminal? The introduction of torture? No American could even conceive of such obscenity. Deceiving our country into invading a country that had nothing to do with the tragedy of Sept. 11, then clumsily occupying it. The toll on our troops’ lives and those of the occupied, the emptying of our treasury, the running of our debt into trillions that generations to come can never be erased.

I think everyone pitied the next president who would have to clean up such an incredible mess, and now that we have one who is trying to do so the opposition’s only ambition is to run him out of town on a rail, and the public be damned.


Hazel Lee Ray

Santa Monica


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