It comes as absolutely no surprise that the Santa Monica City Council is anti-business, so its recent vote to endorse taking away the constitutional rights of mom-and-pop business owners is consistent with the city’s other hostile actions toward the business community (“Council calls for end to corporate protections,” May 16, page 1).

But I want to know, where was the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce in advocating for business owners, especially the small business owners which make up a large part of its membership? It seems the organization has gone into hiding when it comes to taking a position favorable to businesses when it has to oppose something the city supports.

It’s almost as if the Chamber of Commerce has instead become an arm of the anti-business city of Santa Monica. Maybe it’s time for a change of leadership at the Chamber of Commerce. There must be someone in the organization with experience running business who can advocate for the business community and not for the city’s anti-business policies.


Robert C. Luther

Santa Monica

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