Santa Monica Daily Press columnist Jack Neworth has railed against former President Bush for a long time (“Bush painted U.S. into corner,” Laughing Matters, May 3). That’s just sad, since President Bush has been out of office for the past five years, and yet President Obama’s legacy of high taxes, higher spending, and the height of regulations had done us more damage in those five years than anything that Bush did during his eight years in office.

The rallying cry of many liberals, including Mr. Neworth, has been the oft-repeated, now retired: “Bush lied. People died.” In 2005, The Washington Post reported a large cache of chemical weapon agents discovered in Iraq. Shortly after the WikiLeaks cables were released three years ago, classified diplomatic cables confirmed that Saddam Hussein and his Baathist regime did indeed have weapons of mass destruction, with the extensive capability for WMD.

Now the Obama Administration is under fire, from obstruction of justice to national security failures. The gun-walking program Operation Fast and Furious endorsed illegal purchases of firearms to track down drug cartels. Democrats and Republicans have discredited the Benghazi talking points as scrubbed and edited. The IRS abusively targeted conservatives.

Regarding these disturbing revelations, I have only this to say to Neworth:

“Where were you when Obama was bankrupting the country after inheriting one of the strongest counterterrorism networks in history? Please show me all the articles critical of Obama and the five solid years of Democratic rule that you must have written, and if you didn’t, what does that say about your integrity?”


Arthur Christopher Schaper

Torrance, Calif.

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