Bill Bauer’s column was much too kind to the clueless politicians (“Nothing like clueless politicians,” My Write, May 13).

As to the trainers using city property to conduct their business, no competent real estate broker/advisor/consultant would ever allow a client to enter into a percentage clause lease with that type of tenant and under the conditions described. In fact, if the client insisted on entering into such an agreement, most astute brokers would make sure that they had sufficient documentation whereby they advised the client to forgo such an action. The result of the City Council’s action, in no uncertain terms, is a giveaway of public property to private interests.

Relative to Ted Lieu’s SB 333, why the hell should celebrities and politicians be afforded special status? In fact, the average citizen is more likely put at greater risk in a swatting incident than the celebrities and politicians that SB 333 aims to protect. Police would be more likely to both know and recognize a celebrity or politician at their homes, thus they would be less likely to act in a way that might cause harm to them. This likely is not the case for the non-celebrity or non-politician who would probably be subject to police arrest/restraint until such time as their identity can be confirmed.


Joseph Palazzolo

Santa Monica

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