Reinhard Kargl is questioning my motives.

In his response to my letter on why I choose to live in Santa Monica, I take umbrage at Kargl’s insinuations that I am in the pocket of commercial developers and that the letter to the editor was actually concocted by commercial developers with ulterior motives (“Questioning motives,” Letters to the Editor, May 2).

I will figuratively put my hand on the Bible and say that my views are not “tainted” or even “dictated by professional interests.” What a crock!

Yes, I’m a publicist. I’m also a TV producer, among other things, as is Mr. Kargl. In the spirit of full disclosure, he is the owner of Reinhard Kargl Media Services with offices on Sawtelle, not in Santa Monica, and works closely with a variety of corporate accounts as a consultant, technical and speech writer and marketing and public relations specialist. What are your motives for questioning mine?

I think I am entitled to voice my opinions without unwarranted scrutiny. I’ll say it again, with my atheistic hand on the imaginative Bible, I’m tired of all the negativity being spewed in the editorial column. I believe we live in one of the greatest locations in the world and millions every year agree with me, visiting our fair city from as far away as Austria (and some even settle here, Mr. Reinhard Kargl). As a travel writer in my other life, I always enjoy coming back here, even from Salzburg, Austria, which is one of my destinations this summer. I love this city, and I look forward to the park development, the completion of the Metro, the new Frank Gehry building, I enjoy the beautification projects, the various parks, the diversity of the airport, the film festival, the temperate and dry weather, the people who I meet weekly at the Farmers’ Markets and on the streets of Ocean Park.

I was born and raised in Boston and left for California when I was 25 to get out of the cold. This is my home for over 30 years and I don’t want to live anywhere else.

And the passage my hand is resting on in this figurative Bible, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

That is my honest feeling, Mr. Reinhard. We are blessed.


John Blanchette

Santa Monica

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