In reference to the letter in which John Blanchette (“Count your blessings,” Letter to the Editor, April 30) worships commercial development in our city and enthusiastically welcomes even more, Mr. Blanchette is being disingenuous when he describes himself merely as “a travel writer” who, “over the past 15 years has been to every part of the world.” Traveling may well be Mr. Blanchette’s passion, but he neglected to inform the reader that he also happens to be the president of Blanchette & Associates, a Santa Monica public relations firm.

Quoted from its website: “Blanchette & Associates Communications serves a wide range of entertainment and corporate clients. Senior partners John Blanchette and Holly Wallace have extensive experience creating and executing successful publicity campaigns for actors, musicians, films, television personalities and series, theater, restaurants, magazines, charities, special events and a variety of corporate clients, from cities to vineyards.”

Seen in this light, it is unclear whether Mr. Blanchette’s letter really reflects the personal views of a Santa Monica resident, or whether it is tainted, or perhaps even entirely dictated, by professional interests.


Reinhard Kargl

Santa Monica

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