On two occasions I had tourists ask me where the beach was. We were standing in the middle of the Third Street Promenade.

This is a town with a beach in front of it; it is no longer a beach town. The warmth and charm is gone, replaced with cold and sterile architectural concrete fixtures and orchestrated amenities to attract tourists, whilst taking the town away from the residents. Overcrowding!

How about a recall at City Hall to kick the bums out who side with the large development agreements, whilst giving us very little in exchange besides traffic, gridlock, noise, pollution, non-stop air traffic and three signs to read on any post before parking your car; expensive parking if you can even find a place to park and tickets! This has become a quality of life issue.

I’ve lived in the Ocean Park area of Santa Monica since 1948. I say let’s organize a march to City Hall, get residents and news cameras out there. Residents, let’s take Santa Monica back.


Miriam Ginzburg

Santa Monica

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