Colleen D. Byrnes wrote [a letter] accusing the City Council of oppression and contempt, even leading to hatred, because they refused to allow religious displays on public property (“Keeping a tradition alive,” Letters to the Editor, April 26).

It is she who is the oppressor. It is she who has contempt for our Constitution and for all peoples of other beliefs. No one in this country oppresses her religion or prevents her from its expression. No one.

We just do not allow, nor should we allow, religious displays on public property. She has her church, which pays no taxes, where she can display whatever she pleases.

It is offensive to accuse people of oppression, hatred and contempt just because she is not allowed to stamp her beliefs on us. She flipped logic upside down. People have a right in this country to believe what they want, but not to force it down our throats, especially not on the taxpayers’ dime!


Kathryn Dodge

Santa Monica

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