Letter writer Jonathan Mann argues that the City Council is controlled by developers (“Calling for a recall,” Letters to the Editor, April 25). It’s more accurate to say that the Daily Press letters column is controlled by people who condemn all growth as “rampant overdevelopment.”

In a democracy in which elections take place every two to four years, Mr. Mann’s 13 unsuccessful runs for City Council undermine his claim to be the real voice of the people. Mr. Mann loses elections not because the “system is corrupt,” but because all he offers is a pull-up-the-ladders vision that all changes are bad.

The scale of development is certainly a legitimate concern and people can reasonably disagree over the merits of specific projects and the combined impact of all projects. But good leaders realize that well-managed growth and change is both inevitable and desirable. Angry defenders of the status quo and a non-existent idyllic past may have the letters column of the SMDP virtually all to themselves, but that will leave more room for those of us who want to enjoy a city that seeks to create a more livable, walkable and vibrant lifestyle for residents and visitors alike.


Paul Bergman

Santa Monica

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