City Hall and the Elks Club are battling over burial plots at Woodlawn Cemetery that the club says rightfully belong to them. The city disagrees as legal proceedings continue.


So, this week Q-Line asked:


Do you think the Elks have the right to the burial plots or is City Hall right in denying them ownership?


Here are your responses:


“Jiminy Christmas, of course the Elks have a right to those plots. They existed way before the City Council was ever thought of in the city of San Malicious. Give me a break!”


“If the Elks have some type of written proof that, yes, they do have the burial plots, of course they should have them. And then also, they should be given a written, formal apology.”


“I believe the Elks definitely have the right to the burial plot. They were deeded them over 100 years ago. And the city, instead of having a face-to-face meeting with them to discuss this a couple of years ago when they changed it, sent a letter and said, ‘if we don’t hear from you within 30 days, this will happen.’ They didn’t even have the courage to talk to them face to face. But instead, the city were weenies.”


“This city is called the People’s Republic of Santa Monica because Santa Monicans for Renters’ Rights operates similar to the Soviet Union. A small group of people on the secretive SMRR Steering Committee basically run the city. SMRR buys the votes of the renters by forcing rental housing providers to subsidize the rents of people who do not have a financial need for a rent subsidy. The owners of rental property pay market rate for all the materials they buy to maintain their buildings, and pay market rate wages to the plumbers, carpenters, roofers and electricians who work to maintain the buildings, but rent their units for up to 50 percent discount from market rate. No one should be shocked the SMRR-controlled council is ‘taking’ the property of the Elks Club. In the old Soviet Union the government owned all the property too.”


“That cemetery sure is popular. People are dying to get in.”

“This is proof of the state of the city, when the city has time to deny people plots at a cemetery that have already been paid for and allotted to them and not spending time on how did we get to $47 million for a park literally in their own front yard. Nobody’s investigating that or taking anything away from that, but instead worrying about plots at Woodlawn Cemetery that were paid for 100 years ago. It’s just sickening.”

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