Last year when postal officials held a community meeting regarding service in our fair city, we were assured that it would not be to our disadvantage. We all knew they were blowing smoke.

So, as a matter of convenience I stopped at the Will Rogers post office on Wilshire Boulevard and the sign on the door said, “We don’t have stamps. Please go to the main post office on Fifth Street.”

So, I went to Fifth Street and to my dismay there were two clerks trying to service the 42 people in line.

The United States Postal Service says they are losing money because customers are using other methods to do their mail. Obviously, they are their own worst enemy and we here in Santa Monica are the ones who are getting the short end of the stick. What will happen when the main building is closed and sold?

There was no outcry when they made the announcement and now we will suffer the consequences.


Herb Silverstein

Santa Monica

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