City Hall announced a new campaign Monday to educate businesses about the kinds of signs allowed in Santa Monica’s commercial districts.

Beginning this week, city officials will send out letters and informational flyers to local businesses, business organizations and community partners to let people know what kinds of signs they’re allowed to use.

Code Enforcement, the division of City Hall that enforces the Municipal Code, will then begin cracking down on violators, said Joe Trujillo, code compliance manager for City Hall.

“In the next few months, we will be focusing on unpermitted and prohibited signage, particularly window and internally illuminated signs,” Trujillo said. “We look to educate residents and businesses about the requirements of the city’s laws and regulations before we enforce them.”

Santa Monica has strict regulations about signs, which has caused problems for the business community in the past, particularly on Main Street where businesses in recessed shop spaces have tried to tempt passersby into their stores with A-frame signs.

Non-compliant signs — which include flashing signs, signs that take up more than 20 percent of window space or banner signs, to name a few — can cause blight, according to the release.

Information published on City Hall’s website will help guide businesses on what the Municipal Code allows in terms of size, height and placement.

That can be found at Once there, click on “Permits and Licenses” in the drop-down menu on the left and then “Sign Guidance for Santa Monica Businesses.”

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