Once again the Rent Control Board is being disingenuous in trying to suggest the poor are being pushed out of Santa Monica due to changes in rent control policy (“Report: rents rise dramatically, pushing out poor tenants,” April 13-14). Just who then is occupying the thousands of existing low-income and subsidized units in the city? The city of Santa Monica continues to plow tens of millions of dollars into its proxy affordable housing provider Community Corporation of Santa Monica, which is now the largest single landlord in the city. Of course, this is something the board and others in the city want everyone to overlook.

What the board and others in the city also want us to continue to overlook is that despite the creation of all this affordable and subsidized housing Santa Monica residents, including seniors, families, workers and the disabled, are not given priority to rent those units, which instead go mostly to people from outside the city.

I would suggest that if the poor are actually being pushed out of Santa Monica, it is the city of Santa Monica that is doing the pushing.


George Kaplan

Santa Monica

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