Most scientists know why seal pups are dying in SoCal and to report it as “mystery” is weak reporting (“Distressed marine mammals, birds rescued,” Community Briefs, March 18).

Sixteen percent of human protein comes from fish. Fisheries peaked in 1995 with 93 million tons.

In 2004, the peak was over and we have been in a steady decline worldwide and in some areas it is more severe. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates that one third of fish species have either crashed or are over-exploited, with no room to grow production. The organization believes global fisheries could completely collapse by 2050 if demand grows at or near past rates.

None of the later takes into account the acidifying of the oceans due to increased and sustained CO2 levels. We know the reasons, what are the solutions?


John Charles Harman

Santa Monica

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