I have been reading the previous letters to the editor on overbuilding in Santa Monica and am heartened to see that many residents share my view. I am very concerned about the overbuilding going on.

Santa Monica is not Chicago. I am very familiar with Chicago and enjoy visiting. However, Chicago is not a model for our small town. Please do not ignore this point. We do not want more, more, more, taller, bigger, etc.

I love the Downtown Farmers’ Market, but rarely go, only because of traffic, congestion and parking issues. It is not convenient to ride a bus, hauling all my purchases.

This city is already over congested. I hate driving Downtown, down Lincoln Boulevard, up Pico, or on Ocean Park Boulevard. In fact, all the major arteries are over capacity already.

It is impossible to get around the city at all times, or to get out of the city after 4 p.m. without sitting in long lines of traffic.

Please stop. Please stop. Please stop and listen to the residents!

We do not want taller buildings — period.


Susan Grant

Santa Monica

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