I live in Santa Monica and gave up my car a year or so ago. It was then viable to use the bus system and walking was a pleasure. Having a car in Santa Monica meant being always stuck in a gridlocked nightmare.

Forget about bussing it now. Finding the ever changing bus stops is a true game of hide and seek. Daily, bus stops are moved to new locations as yet another construction site begins work. The paper signs posted to where they have moved are often torn off and one does not know where to go. Just take a look at the Blue Bus online temporary bus stop info and you can see how the massive construction work has made taking the bus so frustrating.

Santa Monica is a big ugly mess and getting worse. Oh yes, I forgot to say how even walking around Downtown has become nightmarish. If you aren’t knocked down by demonic skateboarders and roller skaters you are dodging the ever increasing arrogant bicyclists using the sidewalks as well. And people wonder why others are not giving up their cars. In a way I’m sorry I did.


Louise Steiner

Santa Monica

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