Dear City Council,

This has been a long and hard fought battle. I hope therein you see that the majority of residents have come together like never before to try and stop the massive proposal of a project where Village Trailer Park now stands.

It is bad enough that we are kicking people out of their “owned” homes?

It is bad enough that this was labeled an historical landmark by the city’s own researcher?

It is bad enough that I’ve had someone knock on my door representing this developer and serving me misleading information?

But must we continue to debate that the city is violating its own development plan as outlined in the Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE)?

How is this possible? How are you justifying this? Because justify it in some interesting way is what you must do. It is clear in the LUCE that this violates space issues, size issues and traffic issues.

I live two streets over from the park. I already cannot go out after 4 p.m. because Colorado Avenue and all the adjacent streets (Broadway, Santa Monica Boulevard, Olympic) are crammed with bumper-to-bumper traffic.

This isn’t even the only project of this magnitude for this neighborhood that you have to look at soon. If we don’t put a cap on this now when will we?

The train is not going to stop this. The train won’t give me back sunsets in the evening or sunshine during the day or a view. I find it amusing that there is this discussion of development and then a discussion of going back and creating green space. We have green space. Quit taking it away.

Look, I’m going to keep writing letters. My neighbors may not have time, but rest assured they are all fed up.

What has happened to our city and why isn’t it enjoyable to live here anymore?

Overdevelopment. Please stop it and help us.

Kathy Corvo

Santa Monica

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