(Photo by Brandon Wise)
(Photo by Brandon Wise)

Santa Monica’s Public Works/Water Resources Division is unveiling a new water fountain on the Santa Monica Pier which will double as a traditional fountain and as a way to fill a reusable water bottle.

The new unit was installed last week.

“The idea is to make tap water easily accessible, to encourage the use of reusable bottles, discourage single-use bottled water and to educate the public about the measures Santa Monica takes to provide good, clean, tasty water to every tap in the city,” said Myriam Cardenas, assistant manager for water production and treatment.

These new fountains are also planned for the Third Street Promenade. Cardenas said that seven fixtures will be installed on the promenade during the summer, which will be accompanied by a public launch event.

The unit was purchased from GlobalTap, a company that designs and sells water stations, for $3,600.

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