I must commend Mr. Sanderson on his heartfelt, and well written letter (“Development despair,” Letters to the Editor) from Friday, April 5, and before that, Arthur Jeon’s letter (“Pump the brakes on development,” Letters to the Editor) on April 4 regarding the over development and traffic nightmares.

Even though the politicians (and many residents) would have us all walking or biking, that is not practical in a city like Los Angeles with friends, family and obligations spread out in many directions. And just try getting out of, or back into, town on a busy weekend, or even a week day during the summer (whether you are a resident or visitor).

It doesn’t seem like any of the city powers that be bother to read the SM Daily Press, because I never see any of these issues or letters addressed by them. They are squeezing every dime out of anyone brave enough to live, visit, or work here in the form of parking rates and tickets, sales taxes, etc.

They try to attract tourists and visitors from other parts of the city and world, but do not provide parking, city shuttle service, or traffic mitigation so the visitors, as well as the citizens, are forced to suffer the consequences. The new apartment buildings look more like prisons than habitable residences, and I’m sure the rents will be huge and probably at least one car per adult living in them.

I guess we all could go on and on about all of this, but it just seems pointless because no one that has the power to change the course of this development is interested. I just wonder who keeps voting these clowns in?


Catherine Weinberger

Santa Monica

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