Heaven must be missing an angel. Are your legs tired, because you’ve been running around my mind all day? What’s your sign? Do you have a mirror in your pants, because I can see myself in them?

If you’ve spent time in a bar, most likely you’ve heard a version of these horrible pick-up lines.

So, in honor of April Fools’, this week Q-Line asked:

What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever used or had used on you?

Here are your responses:

“I probably shouldn’t even be calling. But I just want to say — even if I’m the only one — that you took me by surprise again, if only for a moment, when I began to read the morning edition of the paper. And the light bulb went off and I realized indeed it was April Fool’s Day again. I’m not a big fan of April Fool’s jokes, or indeed any practical jokes. But I’m probably the only one in town, so just discount me. It’s just I enjoy your paper daily with the variety of news coverage. [I] can’t stand the large doses of news like the L.A. Times. Your paper is so unique with the variety of news items to keep us up to date locally, and even nationally and internationally when that’s indicated. Anyway, I’m anxiously awaiting tomorrow’s edition and thank you for your great paper. Everyone else I know is enjoying and having a lot of fun with today’s edition.”

“The worst pick-up line used on me: I was at a bar in Vegas a couple of years ago, and this young lady said to me, ‘What sign were you born under?’ and I said ‘Maternity Ward.’ And she just turned around and walked away.”

“Years ago, I went to a swanky disco on Sunset Boulevard and this Frenchman gave me a pass-on line, and I just knew that it wasn’t because of me. He just wanted to do a big you-know-what. So I just said ‘put your thing on another pretty gal. I’m not available.’ Besides, I was married then. I’m now married to Sylvester the molester, and I have a gorgeous son who’s an actor. So that’s my line for April Fool’s, but it really did happen.”

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