I just want to comment on the article in the SMDP about the disabled placard abuses (“Cops crack down on disabled parking fakes,” March 27, page 1). I am an older, long-time resident of Santa Monica who was issued a disabled placard several years ago for a chronic spinal condition. Since then I have observed an almost exponential increase in the number of disabled placards. I even began to wonder if there was some sort of disabled epidemic in Santa Monica.

It is now common to see a healthy appearing person put up a disabled placard, hop out of their car and walk briskly away. This is a problem especially at food markets and shopping areas. I have also seen placards on delivery and construction trucks.

A valid disabled placard is a valuable asset for those truly in need and it allows them to continue to contribute to the community. Those who use the placard illegally should be ashamed of themselves. I commend the Traffic Control officers in their mission to address this public service issue.


Don Wagner

Santa Monica

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