Although the topic is not represented in the Santa Monica Daily Press today, it does concern an incident that happened while walking on a Santa Monica sidewalk, so, I thought I would inquire here.

The story goes as follows:

I was heading east on Ocean Park Boulevard, toward Centinela Avenue, in Santa Monica, walking on the left side of the sidewalk, when I noticed a male heading toward me from the opposite direction, walking on the same side of the sidewalk apparently intent on walking right into me. I did not move, nor did he, and when I confronted him with his clearly hostile act, he responded by saying, “What side of the road do you drive your car on?” I responded, “I am not driving my car,” upon which this person raised his arm angrily to me causing me to respond, “Don’t you dare touch me!”

I have not encountered anything like this before on foot, walking on Santa Monica city sidewalks, or anywhere else for that matter, and it prompts the question, “Are there rules for walking on the sidewalk, such as traveling in the same manner as one would when driving one’s vehicle?”

Personally, I think this man had another gripe and decided to take it out on me. I have never seen him before and hopefully, I will never see him again!

Maybe it is inappropriate to broach this matter with the Santa Monica Daily Press, and if so, please disregard this!



Julia Reeves

West Los Angeles

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