I’d like to express my gratitude for the valuable and important job that social workers provide all year long. When life’s challenges become overwhelming, many people turn to a social worker for help.

Here at Gates, Kingsley & Gates Moeller Murphy Funeral Directors, we see the tireless work social workers perform day in and day out as they help families cope with emotional and practical issues that accompany grief, aging, terminal illness and end-of-life planning. These dedicated professionals assist with everything from coordinating community resources to helping families solve personal and financial problems, to working through the emotional pain of dealing with an impending death.

They recognize the family dynamics that are part of any life event and help patients reach out to conclude the important business of giving and receiving love and asking for and granting forgiveness. Often it is the social worker who will pause to recognize a special occasion in a patient’s life and make sure that a birthday is celebrated or a caregiver gets a night out.

Social work matters. Time and again I have witnessed the powerful results of social workers in recognizing and meeting the needs of the people they serve. On behalf of Gates, Kingsley & Gates Moeller Murphy, I applaud social workers for their caring hearts and their important contributions to our community.


Jeffrey Baker

General Manager

Gates, Kingsley & Gates Moeller Murphy Funeral Directors

Santa Monica

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