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Some residents are upset about a couple of planned Downtown 20-story hotels. But, the real overdevelopment in Santa Monica is in the dozens of smaller projects pending around our fair city. I call them the “death of a thousand cuts.”

Two months ago, I wrote about 10 new mixed-use developments proposed for a three block stretch of Lincoln Boulevard north of the I-10 Freeway. Below is a partial list of pending developments elsewhere around town awaiting development agreement approval according to the March 15, 2013 Planning Department case list.

I didn’t list pending mega projects such as the Miramar Hotel replacement, Robert’s Center, Hines’ Bergamot Village Transit Center, East Village (Village Trailer Park), Paseo Nebraska, 3402 Pico, the two new hotels planned at Fifth Street and Colorado Avenue, etc.. Developments previously approved (such as the 710 Wilshire Blvd. hotel), under construction and recently completed aren’t listed, either.

Let’s get started.


Downtown and around


1318-1324 Second St. Four-floor, mixed-use project with 53 apartments above retail space. Two levels of underground parking with 66 stalls. Total 47,171 square feet. Developer: Michanna Securities, LP (Century West Partners). Site is currently a two-floor commercial building and parking lot.

1415 Fifth St. Eight-floor, mixed-use, 100-unit apartment building with retail space. Five levels of subterranean parking. Size: 67,629 square feet. Developer: 1425 NMS LLC, (NMS Properties). Site is a two-story commercial building.

1425 Fifth St. Mixed-use, eight-floor, 100-unit apartment building with retail space and five levels of subterranean parking. 67,808 square feet. Developer: 1425NMS, LLC, (NMS Properties). Site is currently a two-floor commercial building

1325 Sixth St. Seven-floor, mixed use, 100-unit apartment building with ground floor commercial space and four levels of subterranean parking. NMS Properties, developer. The site is a surface parking lot behind the new library and across from the YMCA.

501 Broadway. Six floor, 77-unit, mixed-use apartment building with ground floor retail space and a four-level, 153 stall subterranean parking garage. Developer: NMS Properties. Site is now a single story, brick commercial building (Performance Bicycle) at Fifth Street and Broadway.

525 Colorado Ave. Eight-floor, 84-foot-tall, mixed-use project with 77 apartments, ground floor retail and a four-level, 125 stall, automated, subterranean parking garage. Total area: 41,145 square feet. Developer: BCP 525 Colorado Ave, LLC/Nautilus Group. Site is now a single story, brick commercial building (former hotel workers union hall).

601 Colorado Ave. Six-floor, mixed-use building with 73 apartments, ground floor retail space and a 66-stall, four-level subterranean garage. NMS Properties, developer. Site is now a single story retail center with Misto Fritto restaurant and surface parking lot.

603 Arizona Ave. Six-floor, 39-unit apartment building with ground floor retail space and three levels of underground parking. Developer: 603 Arizona, LP. Site is currently a church at Sixth Street and Arizona Avenue.


Pico corridor


234 Pico Blvd. Four-floor, mixed-use building with 91 apartments and retail space. Developer is 234 Pico PS LLC/GRT Portfolio Properties Santa Monica, LLC. The property is now the Bayshore Bowling Alley.

1112-1122 Pico Blvd. Four-floor, 32-unit apartment building with two-level subterranean garage. Pico Eleven, LLC from Manhattan Beach is the developer. Site is a vacant lot.

2121 Cloverfield Blvd. (at Pico). Four-floor, 156-unit apartment building with ground level retail component and two and one-half levels of subterranean parking for 430 vehicles. Developer: 2121 Cloverfield Boulevard. Property is currently a two-story office park with surface parking lot.




1402 Santa Monica Blvd. Two-floor, car dealership with showroom, café and auto repair shop. Total project: 33,750 square feet. Quinn Automotive Group, applicant. Site is currently a Union 76 gas station.

1530 Santa Monica Blvd. Two-floor automobile dealership with rooftop parking for Mike Sullivan (Toyota of Santa Monica). Site is currently a car sales lot.

1802 Santa Monica Blvd. and 1407 & 1413 18th St. Three-floor, mixed-use building with auto dealership including showroom, eight-bay service department, restaurant with outdoor dining and two floors of apartments. Four level underground garage. 33,017 square feet total. Developer is Venice One, LLC. Site is now a vacant lot, formerly a car dealership. 18th Street properties are two, two-floor apartment buildings.

3008 Santa Monica Blvd. Two-floor office building with ground floor retail space and subterranean parking for 71 vehicles. 25,210 square feet total. Project being redesigned to include housing. Property owner: Albinas & Vita Markevicius Trust. Site is currently a two-story commercial building.

1431 Colorado Ave. Four-floor, 50-unit apartment building with activity and recreation rooms, ground floor retail, a restaurant, and three-level subterranean parking garage. Developer is Arya, LP. Site is presently a single-floor retail building.

2041-2115 Colorado Ave. Four-floor, 147-unit, apartment building with ground floor commercial/retail space and two-level subterranean garage. Developer: Westgate Center, LLC. Site is currently three, single floor industrial buildings between St. Anne Catholic Church/School and the California DMV office.

1731-33 20th St. New Science Learning Center for the Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences. New, three-floor, 45-foot-tall building with basement. Size: 29,356 square feet.

2919-23 Wilshire Blvd. (at Stanford Street). Five-floor, mixed-use building with 83 apartments, retail space and a three-level underground garage. Developer/property owner: Cypress Equity Investments, LLC/Century West Partners. Site is currently the single-story Jerry’s Liquor with a surface parking lot.

3032 Wilshire Blvd. (at Berkeley Street). Five-floor, 100-unit apartment building with retail space and three-level subterranean garage. Developer: Cypress Equity Investments, LLC/Century West Partners. Site is now a single-story Bank of America with a surface parking lot.


Thanks to Paul Foley in the city’s Planning Department and Robin Waner for their assistance. Bill can be reached at mr.bilbau@gmail.com

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