SM BEACH —Santa Monica has been named one of the 10 best places to fly a kite in the nation by John Baressi, owner and editor of Kitelife magazine, in an interview with USA Today.

In anticipation of National Kite Month, the aficionado compiled a list of the top 10 places to fly kites with Santa Monica making the list, along with Edgewater State Park in Cleveland, Ocean City, Md., Kill Devil Hills, N.C., and Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley, Calif.

Baressi, who judged the 2006 World Sport Kite Championships, knows a thing or two about kites, and believes when it comes to his favorite activity, the Southland beaches reign supreme.

“Santa Monica really is a great beach,” he said “Any day you go out it’s beautiful.”

“Naturally as kite-fliers, we’re always looking for open space,” Baressi said, a commodity in high supply on West Coast beaches. Combined with the consistent, moderate winds, Santa Monica is hard to beat.

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