As former Mayors of Santa Monica, we would like to take this opportunity to individually and collectively voice our full support for saving and restoring the iconic “Chain Reaction” public art peace sculpture in our Civic Center, especially now that it has unanimously and rightly been designated a City Landmark by our Santa Monica Landmarks Commission.

As Mayors, we have always taken pride in Santa Monica’s commitment to art, landmarks, and peace. “Chain Reaction” was a monumental and generous gift to our great city. The late three-time Pulitzer Prize winning editorial cartoonist Paul Conrad, who designed and created the 26-foot-tall sculpture, would be pleased that so many people are working so diligently on making sure the restoration of “Chain Reaction” becomes a reality.

Conrad’s unique and creative design depicting a nuclear mushroom cloud made of large chain links has a timely message he inscribed at the sculpture base: “This is a statement of peace. May it never become an epitaph.”

We, as former Mayors, strongly urge everyone to support the Conrad family and community efforts to help raise the funds the city says is needed for the restoration effort. Whether your tax-deductible donation is smaller, mid range, or a very large donation by a concerned individual or foundation “angel,” it will be deeply appreciated.

The Conrad family website and Facebook page will have donation information and will be updated with other “Chain Reaction” information periodically. We urge everyone, whether or not you live in Santa Monica, to get involved in supporting this creative and important effort.

With the city, the Conrad family, artists and students, as well as the local and global peace community all helping, we can create a positive chain reaction of support for “Chain Reaction.”




Judy Abdo, Jim Conn, Michael Feinstein, Paul Rosenstein, Nat Trives, Denny Zane

Former Santa Monica mayors

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