Santa Monica environmental group Heal the Bay published results of a 12-year study of the Malibu Creak Watershed on Monday, which revealed streams are suffering from pollution and could make those coming into contact with the compromised water sick.

The study — called “Malibu Creek Watershed: Ecosystem on the Brink” — also found that stream banks reinforced with concrete to prevent erosion actually cause more erosion downstream, and that native species are being threatened by invasive aquatic animals and plants.

The study came with recommendations from Heal the Bay, including urging the regional Water Quality Control Board to “implement and enforce Total Maximum Daily Loads to regulate the amount of pollutants that waterbodies can receive and still meet water quality standards set by the Clean Water Act.”

The data for the study was collected from 1998-2010. The work was conducted by Heal the Bay’s Stream Team, its citizen science program.

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