After almost getting run over on a daily basis, I must write in!

People in Santa Monica are the rudest drivers I have ever encountered. I ride my bike, people speed past me, then I end up passing them. People do not look, they stop in crosswalks, they run red lights, squeal around corners and honk constantly.

People complain about airplane noise, yet drive as fast as they can, breaks grinding, yelling and burning rubber all over town.

While out walking my dog and biking, people look at me like I am in the way. They cut in front of us, do not stop at crosswalks and then drive as fast as they can and do not make it home any sooner.

Reckless driving is out of control around Santa Monica. I see children almost get run over, car accidents and I saw the man who died on his motorcycle earlier this year. People are texting, talking on the phone and running into each other. If I had an airplane, I would gladly fly over Santa Monica. It is way safer than walking or biking around this city. Have some respect!


Sunflower Haedt

Santa Monica

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